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Despite the ongoing supply problems, Nintendo Switch in the last three months has been the best-selling console in the US. Interest in the device also translated into the popularity of games on this platform. 3DS and SNES mini also recorded great results.


Over the past six months, it has become clear that despite the fear of many analysts and players, the Nintendo Switch has been a huge success, potentially the biggest financial success of the Japanese company for at least a dozen or so years. Great interest in the device is confirmed by the data provided by the manufacturer and commercial networks. Switch is exceptionally well on the American market, which for Nintendo remains the largest consumer of its products. The NPD Group, which tracks game and console sales in the US, said that in the past three months, Switch has remained a leader in sales, claiming the Sony and Microsoft platforms. Since its debut in March this year more than two million copies have been sold to American players. There are no other Japanese consoles left behind. Overall, in September, 3DS and SNES mini together with Switch took in US 2/3 of all revenue from the sale of consoles.


The growing user base of hardware also translates into the sale of games that have started to occupy the top positions on the US bestseller lists. The real test for Nintendo is the upcoming holiday season, which is traditionally the time of the biggest shopping. We still do not have exact global sales results for the Switch, but from various sources, we know that the console has reached at least over five million users, of which 2 million are in North America, 1.8 million in Japan, and the rest of Europe and Asia.

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