Free Fire Battlegrounds – Review

Welcome! If you are the owner of smartphones with Android or IoS software, you have the opportunity to play a great game production 111dots Studio. Talking about Free Fire-Battlegrounds. It is possible that you associate H1z1 games with Steam or Pubg. It is a similar game that allows us to play on our device. Today I would like to present you the pros and cons of this game and put your own assessment. I invite you!

  Free Fire is a great survival game. By downloading a game that weighs 200 mb I never thought that it could so catch me and surprise me with its great gameplay. If you have already downloaded it, you can log in via facebook or via email. At the beginning of the game, you choose whether you want to play a woman or a man. If you made your choice, it’s time to think about how we want to be called. In this game it is possible to open boxes, and we already have such an opportunity at the beginning, because we get 200 free coins, and it so happens that one of the skins costs so much. We can choose 2 cheaper (200) and more expensive (600) chests, in them we can draw clothes for your character, however, clothing is limited in time.
 Team game, it comes to mind when we hear about that we have to survive. Well, the game also gives us the opportunity to play with your friends from facebook. All you have to do is click the GROUP button, and there you can choose a duo or a squad. Duo, as the name suggests, you can play in 2 people and by selecting the squad option you can play in 4 people. When playing in a group or duo, we have the opportunity to talk to each other by including in the upper left log the microphones and speaker to hear our colleagues. Of course, we can play solo. After each win or no match, you receive experience points of our character, winning a larger LVL. On the table of results, we have the opportunity to check how the game goes to our friends who have lvl, how many games they have played solo, duo or squad, we can also see how many kills they have and how high their level of wins.
 Going to the entertainment itself. For those who do not associate this type of games, I am already explaining. Once he finds you games, he moves you to the lobby and you wait for all players. Then the plane is displayed on your screen, you and every player flies it and decides yourself when you want to jump out. When you’re out of the plane, you open the parachute and land on the ground. On the map there are many places where weapons are hidden, accessories for them, first aid kits, helmets, armor, cartridges, etc. Everything we can wear on each other has a level. For example, we take a helmet, if one has already found and we see that next is the second approach, see if by chance it is not a better outfit for you, is 1 level 2 and 3. Of course, 3 is the best and strongest, the most sick from the injuries that are us opponents. When shooting at the head, we deal more damage. We also have cars available on the map at various locations. Having a car we have a big advantage, because it is enough to hitch over an opponent who dies. The game is about staying in the safe zone. How do you know where this zone is? As you enter the match on the left you will see a map that you can open to the full screen, you have the option of marking the destination of your destination, which makes it easier to navigate the map. Your task in the game is to survive, just like that. If you stay last of the survivors, you win the match. After winning the game you get a lot of coins (I do not really know what is the amount of coins we receive).Free Fire Cheats Here.
 I would like to tell you about the pros and cons of this game.

  • astonishing graphics for a phone game
    -great fun
    -a terribly addictive game
    -not get bored too quickly because every match we want to win, which is not easy, you have to try a lot
    -The opportunity to play with friends
  • after each game I have to turn it off and on again, because it is impossible to play through lag, but I calmly wrote to the slide, they replied that not only I have this problem and try to fix it and we will see the results in the next update
  • terribly annoying control, keys too close to each other, it is difficult to aim
  • annoying sounds
  • sometimes disconnects the game and we get a notification „no internet“ but when we check our connection everything is as it should, we turn on the game and everything is fine.
     In my humble opinion, this is a game I have never seen on the phone, it is well-developed although there could be more maps because this one is boring a bit. Personally, despite the few shortcomings that she has, I give her 9/10. Definitely, the creators have managed to do something that people will want. The game, as I said, is amazing in every respect. I recommend playing and checking out, invite friends, play, have fun.

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